$15,000,000 brought to Davidson County, TN through Volunteers.  VITA programs throughout the US provide similar results. 

VITA services are provided to our neighbors by volunteers.   The number of clients we can serve is dependent on two factors:  1) number of volunteers, 2) awareness of potential clients.

 Many of our neighbors who could benefit are not aware of the facts below, are you?

  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance is FREE, even if you have extra forms.  This is major for our clients whose average income is between $19,000 and $22,000.   Maximum household income is $49,000.
  • May be eligible for EIC, Earned Income Credit, even if earnings are less than required to file a return.
  • Property tax is deductable even if you file a standard return and do not itemize
  • May be eligible for Child Tax Credit even if you do not claim the child as a dependent.
  • May be able to deduct education or medical expenses.
  • Child or adult dependent care expenses to allow you to work are deductable.
  • If you paid over half of the living expenses of anyone living in your home you may be able to claim them as a dependent.
  • May receive credits for purchase of a new vehicle, home, energy efficient home items.

 If you are in the Davidson Co. TN area you can contact me for directions on how to volunteer.  Training has begun.  You need to register soon to get your preferred sessions.  VITA@nlcdc.com,   615-248-6866, 615-627-0347

If you are outside of Davidson Co, TN check your IRS listing for a local VITA program.